Mindset inspirer

Interactive keynote that ignites innovation mindsets

Our mindsets inspirer is an interactive talk for large audiences, with built-in participation and reflection points to keep everyone engaged. It is designed to tune up participants to the value and importance of innovation, as well as the core mindsets for supporting innovation and how they can be implemented practically.

The content will be directed towards the relevant tools and techniques for the group attending, whether leadership communities, everyday innovators, newcomers to innovation or a combination of these.


Unlock mindsets that enable innovation in the everyday


Interactive keynote

Best suited to

Innovation newcomers & everyday innovators that need re-igniting

Group size



60-90 minutes, depending on group size

Revive your mindset with a fresh perspective

Inject a new or fresh perspective into every challenge or problem you are facing and, with the help of our team, cultivate adaptable, creative approaches to problem solving to form an unshakeable bedrock for your organisation’s innovation initiatives.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to...

Analyze and differentiate the five key mindsets for insurance innovation, and apply the most appropriate mindset at different stages of the innovation journey.

Translate mindsets into practical and effective behaviours, including developing a comprehensive mindset charter to foster a culture of innovation within their teams or projects.

Effectively employ techniques to bring innovation mindsets to life in a work context, thereby enhancing innovation outcomes.

Customer satisfaction




The Mindsets Inspirer brings fantastic insights based on Ninety’s solid experience in both insurance and innovation. I was challenged with new ways of thinking and ideas beyond our sector which I can now apply in my role each day.

Allied World

This training helped me realize how I can encourage others to think innovatively and encourage them to share all ideas no matter how out of the box they are.


Inspiring mindsets to develop a new Allied World proposition

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Equipping Zurich's leaders to innovate within resiliency and sustainability

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