Idea developers

Self-guided programme for the aspiring innovator

Our digital innovation programme takes participants on a journey to develop ideas into validated value propositions ready to pitch for investment - learning early-stage innovation methodology as they go. Structured in short daily sprints, this programme is accessible to all, even those who are only able to work on innovation ‘off the side of their desk’. Participating teams produce ideas addressing a chosen problem/opportunity theme area, which can then be pitched in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style format.

As participants work in teams to develop their idea and interact with customers and subject matter experts, they develop an innovation network which can serve as the foundations of an organisation-wide innovation culture. Having applied an innovation approach to a real-world organisational problem, graduates of the programme come away with a toolkit which they can deploy time and again on any innovation challenge throughout their career.


Empower participants with an innovation toolkit for developing and validating real-world solutions


Digital programme

Best suited to

Everyday innovators

Group size

Up to 50 participants


8-10 weeks overall comprising of short daily sprints

Re-imagine what innovation looks like

Unlock the creative, problem-solving capabilities in your team within a supportive framework; forge a clear pathway that invigorates regular idea development ‘off the side of your desk’, and enables clear navigation of the complexities of doing this within an organisational context.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to...

Engage in meaningful conversations with customers and subject matter experts, harnessing their feedback to iteratively enhance ideas

Use the three lenses of design thinking to develop a compelling idea from problem identification to pitch-ready proposition

Identify and refine opportunities for innovation and solve them using problem immersion and idea generation techniques

Successfully collaborate in teams to cultivate innovations, making pass/fail/pivot choices to decide the best ideas to pursue

How you can apply what you'll learn

As they develop their proposition participants build both a personal innovation toolkit, and develop a shared language and approach to innovation with their peers. This leaves you with a community of innovators embedded across your organisation, well prepared to develop propositions in the future both as individuals, and as teams with a strong understanding of the process.
Participants are well equipped to apply their learning to both emerging ideas/propositions, but also learn the value in developing a deep understanding of a problem, and ideation techniques to address that problem. This means that participants are able to deploy their knowledge at both an early, problem/solution orientated stage as effectively as when they already have an idea to progress.

Customer satisfaction




We’ve not had the opportunity to collaborate across business functions in this way before. It was great to do so on an important topic.


We were all very impressed with the quality of the pitches and prototypes...The big success is that all participants came away with new skills and relationships.


Supporting Aviva in building their culture of innovation

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Equipping Zurich's leaders to innovate within resiliency and sustainability

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