Making impact through innovation training

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Trusted by insurers across the globe

Do not hesitate to invest your time in this training, it will significantly assist you in developing your approach to innovation.

Ninety’s training has been a game changer for us, in developing a culture of innovation, and helping us realize our vision of delivering innovation, everywhere for everyone

One of if not the best course I’ve attended in my career. Great facilitators, felt very comfortable, welcome and relevant.

Great presenters, great material and a great pace. Very much worth my time.

Innovation ahead

Whatever your business is facing, we can equip you and your teams to tackle any challenge.

Supported by our digital platform and toolkit
Based on our award-winning innovation framework
And access to an innovation community for life-long learning
Brought to life by experienced practitioners and real case studies
Innovation training for all levels

Where will your journey take you?

Mindset inspirer

Interactive keynote that ignites innovation mindsets

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Idea developers

Self-guided programme for the aspiring innovator

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Immersive training for the innovation pioneer

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Facilitation masters

Hands-on masterclass for future facilitators

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Innovation advocates

Intrapreneur course for change makers

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